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Work from home or walk to work- Future ahead!

The timekeepers of the office hurry up the obsessively detail-oriented. One joker spins around in her chair, chatting about her weekend, oblivious to the chaos. It was a stressful day, prompting the boss to order chai for everyone. Someone from another department brings in cake — it is his birthday. Now tell me, how in the world do I condense the sheer life of this atmosphere into one conference call per day?

Working from home may reduce time on travelling, but is that really making you more efficient? As power cuts, network errors and hanging systems pop up alternatively like in a game of whack-a- mole, you pine for the strong arms of the office WiFi to cradle you.

You become a slave to your phone. It pings incessantly — with texts from people you could earlier simply shout out to — until you can no longer tell the difference between work and personal life. Hey, I don’t bring bedroom talk to the workspace, and so I wish I wasn’t forced to bring work to my bedroom.

Going to the office every day brings with itself a changing tapestry of conversations and observations: at the subway, at the water cooler, at shared rides back home. It turns colleagues you shared awkward first drinks with, to friends with whom you share embarrassingly intimate details. It gives you a reason to look nice for your ‘Jim’ or ‘Pam’. Who said employees are only needed to be productive assets of a company, rather they are in parallel needed to set up an enriching office culture.

“Work from Home (WFH) was working well as there was no distraction with everyone sitting at home due to lockdown but no good company want it as a culture. It cannot be a long term model. Working in office is part of social life. Yes people will ask for flexibility which co-working spaces can provide. In fact, there are people who would appreciate paying a premium to spaces that can take care of these needs.”

We are all social beings and office culture is a must for human interaction and emotional being and that is why we have demarcated work from office and each company is known for its distinguished work culture .

Good luck convincing me on giving that up for the monotony of my home desk. FindMyCowork, India’s largest search engine for flexible workspaces recent years presence in a Realty WEBSERIES hosted by Iccpl and Realty & More stated as per their lead matrix as on today no one is comfortable to go for hot desk due to social distancing as the new normal . With coworking spaces in Noida like Springhouse, kocreate are abiding by social distancing norms and we can possible see culture of flexible workspaces emerging with trends of hot desk bouncing back post Covid 19.

To help the work function sleekly and emerging flexible culture your only superpower, FindmyCowork helps you to locate oodles of feasible options and enjoy a Covid Free co-working with all precautionary measures and offers some exclusive deals in coworking spaces across Delhi,Noida and Gurgaon.


By: Osshika Lumb (Findmycowork)

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