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World Heath day

Congratulations, it’s World Health Day today. On the 7th of April every year, the world gets together to celebrate the World Health Day. The World Health Day was declared back in 1950 by the World Health Organization (WHO), a part of the United Nations (UN). The day is celebrated by all the national governments around the world with several NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) to participating in the celebration. Each the WHO decides on a health issue to be tackled in the upcoming year. This year, that is, 2017, the aim of WHO is to tackle the depression condition around the world.

A very few people actually know that Depression is a health condition and not just a state of mind. Depression is quite different from being sad. According to a survey conducted by the UN over 300 million people around the world suffer from one or the other form of depression. To tackle the condition of depression as well as spread awareness, this time, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan has decided to consider it as the main aim of WHO. WHO has also identified the rise of depression amongst individuals. There has been over 18 percent rise in the number of people suffering from depression in 2015 compared to 2005.

WHO has also launched an online application as well as a Facebook page to allow people to come forward and share the problems that cause depression in their healthy state. WHO is also taking steps to encourage NGOs and student organizations around the world to come up with ideas to promote the campaigns to spread awareness regarding depression.

A new campaign by WHO titled Depression: Let’s talk, is set out to spread awareness amongst the people regarding the helpful deeds they can do by approaching and talking to people suffering from depression.

The people suffering from depression have a tendency to inflict physical damage to themselves and even commit suicide in the worst case scenario. By spreading the necessary awareness as well as empowering people to help their neighbors fight depression, WHO plans to reduce the number of depressed individuals by the next year.

Some of the topics on which WHO has led successful campaigns in the past include, Diabetes in 2016, Food safety in 2015 and Small bite, the Big threat in 2014. The best way to save an individual from the grasp of depression is to allow them to vent their feelings and teaching them how to move on from their past mistakes.


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