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World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Arrived At Mumbai; Will Undergo Bariatric Surgery

The world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed, weighed almost 500 kg, has landed at Mumbai on Saturday for a bariatric surgery.

World Heaviest Woman, Eman Ahmed

Eman Ahmed will undergo the bariatric  surgery to reduce the weights at Saifee hospital, near Charni road railway station, Mumbai.

Eman has been suffering from elephantiasis since her birth as her birth weight was a 5 kg.

A modified special Egypt Air Airbus 300-600 freighter aircraft has flown her to India for the bariatric treatment.

It was also reported that the cost of moving Eman Ahmed, from her home in Cairo to Saifee hospital in Mumbai is around whopping Rs 83 lakh.

Eman Ahmed has moved out of her house for the first time in last 25 years.

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