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Xiaomi launches Smart Shoes with Intel chip

Till now, fitness tracking was possible only with Xiaomi’s Mi Band, but now the company has unveiled a new way for fitness tracking via a smart shoe. The smart shoe is named as the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear, which has been launched by Xiaomi’s Mija Brand. The smart shoe has been launched in China and there are plans to take it to global markets including India in the future. The smart shoe features an Intel Curie chipset, which is small in size, not more than the size of a button, and yet it has the capacity to store many days of fitness data.

The smart shoe is targeted at fitness enthusiasts and comes with foam-like material that is very comfortable, especially while running. The other features of the smart shoe include an arch design for improved support, superior anti-skid technology, air cushioning for added comfort and an antibacterial, removable insole.

With the Xiaomi smart shoes, fitness enthusiasts can track a wide variety of data related to walking, running, and even climbing. Experts say that since the chip is installed in the shoe, it collects more accurate data than a wrist fitness tracker. The smart shoe can calculate speed, distance travelled, calories burned, etc. One of the best features is that it can continue to work up to 60 days before requiring a recharge.

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