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You can be safe from smog chokes in Delhi by using these small things

As we all know about the air pollution in Delhi.There are different reasons for this situation.But we all are responsible for this dangerous level of air pollution.
gt-airpollution-delhi-imageRecently we had celebrated Diwali with crackers and other smoggy the result is in front of us.We all are suffering from air pollution at high level.Government is doing at it’s level,but we have to be protect our self first.
We are suggesting few amazing things which can protect you from air pollution.You just need to do one thing,include all these in your and your children’s diet and be safe from polluted air.
Remedies are –
1 – Include Tulsi in your diet 
 2- Take Vitamin C Tablets 
3 – Include Ginger in anyway in you diet 
4 – Take Omega Fatty Acids Food
5 – For Magnesium Rich Diet Take cashews
6 – For Omega 3 Take Walnuts
7 – Lemon ,it is also a great source of Vitamin C
Apart from the diet be sure that you will have to wear a mask to protect yourself in this air polluted environment.
These foods will help you to reduce the effect of air pollution. Please let others know also and take care of yourself.

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