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You wouldn’t believe that a Small onion has these magical benefits

If you are a good  foody person or fitness freak, we can bet that you would love to eat Onion in food or in salad,Until unless there is no any kind of religion issue. Like   people who are from Jain religion don’t eat Onion and many other things.


A small onion, just does  not increase the taste of food .Also it has many other  magical benefits like below –
Benefits of including onion in your daily diet or life –
  • In summer,if you are having onion with your daily diet or in salad you can make yourself safe from loo wind.loo wind is a strong ,hot and dry summer’s wind which blow in afternoons.
  • If you are suffering from the arthritis just mix onion juice in mustard oil and have a good massage daily.You will get out of this pain very soon.
  • If you are having a stone problem just mix sugar in onion juice and have it on daily basis.Soon you will say bye bye to stone problem.
  • Mix two spoons onion juice with wheat flour have it once you get in to the urine related problems.Soon you will feel relief.
  • Onion juice is also good for hair fall.Massage your head with onion juice if you are having problem of hair fall.
  • Onion has hot property. So if you’re having problems like cough and cold just include onion in your daily diet. Because of it’s hot property you will get out of these problems soon.


  • So friends, what are you waiting for. Plan your daily diet chart and include onion in your daily diet in any way and be healthy & happy.

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