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Youngsters Start to Discover the Beauty of Indian Jewellery

indian jewellery

There was a time when youngsters in the country were pulled by the glamour of western way of life. However, the tide is turning, as youngsters realize the enchanting beautyof India. It comprises several different things such as our rich culture & tradition, mesmerizing places, colorful Indian ethnic wear and enchanting Indian jewellery. As tourists from across the globe come to India to explore its various beauties, youngsters are starting to realize the greatness of the land they have inherited. Credit should also go to people who have worked hard to share India’s incredible story with the rest of the world. India is now the 7th most visited country in Asia-Pacific region.

In recent times, youngsters in the country have been taking to Indian jewellery in a big way. Nowadays, many celebrities in the fashion world and movie industry have also started sporting Indian ethnic wear and Indian jewellery. This has naturally helped promote Indian jewellery among youngsters. Earlier, Indian jewellery was only worn during celebrations, festivities, weddings and other special occasions. Now, with youngsters getting interested, Indian jewellery is making its way to various other places such as colleges, offices, pubs and discotheques. This is a significant development, as it is helping share the innate beauty of Indian jewellery. Everywhere youngsters are going, they are carrying with them the stunning magnificence of Indian jewellery.

Youngsters are choosing Indian jewellery items that are easily manageable such as rings, jhumka, chandbaali, studs, chains, bracelets, bangles, earrings, nose pins, etc. Youngsters live a busy life and they are always on the move, which is why they prefer jewellery that is easy to handle. Choosing lighter pieces of Indian jewellery makes sense, as youngsters are looking for versatility, something they can wear with a wide variety of clothes and not just Indian clothing. Lighter pieces of jewellery work well with a range of clothing such as salwaar suits, kurtas, churidars, sarees, t-shirts, shirts, and tops.

Indian jewellery is an important part of our culture and tradition and not just a means to look beautiful. With youngsters taking interest in Indian jewellery, it’s a positive development in terms of the efforts being made to preserve our culture and traditions. Moreover, youngsters are doing it in style, for example, pairing chain and silver jhumka with jeans and t-shirt. Youngsters are sharing their stylish experiments with Indian jewellery on social media platforms, which is helping promote the art at the global level.This certainly bodes well for the future of Indian jewellery and all related stakeholders.

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