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Your ‘Made in China’ phone may be insecure; Govt. sends notice to 21 smartphone manufacturers

Newspatrolling: You may have strong feelings about the military standoff with China, but do you even think twice before using your smartphone, which is most likely to be manufactured in China. Probably not, and it’s not possible for the common man to worry about such things. However, how can you be sure that using smartphones manufactured in China are safe and can be trusted? What if they are designed to secretly transmit your private data to the Chinese government or other agencies in China? And what are all these preloaded apps that you often get in smartphones manufactured in China? Are these pre-loaded apps safe? Well, you may not be able to able to check the reliability of such phones and apps, but the Indian government has realized the seriousness of the risks involved and has taken action.

To ensure proper data security for smartphone users, the government has sent notices to all smartphone manufacturers that supply their smartphones to India. The notice asks smartphone manufactures to provide complete details of the procedures and processes that they have implemented to ensure security and privacy of users’ data. The notice has been sent because the government is worried that China may use alternative means to counter India over the Doklam border standoff. The smartphone manufactures have been directed to submit their replies by August 28. The government’s move aims to ensure data security in relation to both hardware and software usage in mobile phones.

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