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Your Ultimate Guide for a Tour in Thailand… It Is Fascinating

Thailand is an amazingly beautiful destination for tourists. Most tourists think that a tour in Thailand is very expensive, and potentially out of reach, but this is not true. The following guide provides you with genuine tips to see how Thailand can be an affordable destination which millions of travelers enjoy every year.

How Much Does a Trip to Thailand Cost?
A vacation in Thailand is not expensive, usually it costs as a trip to California or Hawaii or even less.

Most of the tourists who visit Thailand are budget travelers who spend only US $900 in the whole vacation.

You have the choice to choose between cheap, normal or luxurious resorts, restaurants, transportations, clubs, etc.

Obviously, Airfare would cost you a lot, but I have a simple trick to help you.

First of all, travel with domestic carriers to reach LAX or JFK, then book another to Bangkok. You can save hundreds of dollars when you split your ticket between two carriers!


Book an Organized Tour or Plan Your Own?
You have two choices; you can either book an organized tour which will be quick-and-easy solution to spend amazing vacation without any worries, or reach Thailand and organize your transportation, accomodation and activities by your own.

The first choice is easier, but the second will save some money and provide much fun and suspense.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?
You might like to visit Thailand in the driest months which are between November and April.

However, you can enjoy days of sunshine in the other months too, and it will be much easier to book your accommodation and activities with a cheaper price during these seasons.

Do You Need Vaccinations for Thailand?
It is prefered to get the general vaccinations recommended for all international travelers in Asia including Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and a TDap (for tetanus).

Avoid Packing Too Much for Thailand
Don’t pack mush clothes for your vacation in Thailand as you will be fascinated by the expansive malls in Bangkok as well as the outdoor markets in Chiang Mai, so you won’t be able to stop enjoying the shopping opportunities…

you will also like to buy some unique finds! Therefore, pack few clothes and plan to buy a couple of outfits there.
Actually, you will be smarter by not carrying your umbrella 8,000 miles. If it rains in Thailand, you can buy one for $2.

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Where to Go in Thailand?
Like most travelers, there is a big possibility to arrive in Bangkok, but you have to go out and enjoy other beautiful destinations including:
The Thai Islands

Thailand is popular for its superb islands, so you have to visit some of them.

Try the glamorous islands in the Andaman Sea (west side) or those in the Gulf of Thailand (east side). You will enjoy a plenty of entertaining activities there. 

Chiang Mai

Thailand’s northern capital is more manageable and walkable than Bangkok which make it a favorite destination for most visitors. Chiang Mai has a lot to offer including delicious food, budget markets, Lanna culture, and amazing massages. 


Pai, which was once a simple “hippie” village surrounded by green hills, is now a major tourist destination in Thailand. It still maintains its riverside charm including farms, organic food, simple nightlife, and yoga workshops.


It is Thailand’s former capital. Tourists visit Ayutthaya to explore culture and view the ancient temple ruins.


This region is only accessible via boat. Tourists visit Railay to enjoy climbing epicenter. If you are not a climber, you can still view the impressive limestone scenery and have a walk. The powdery sand and isolation give an amazing feeling.

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No Excessive Spices as You Think

Thailand’s food is delicious, and forget the Myth which say that Thailand offers spicy food only. Most restaurants will ask you whether you want spices or even allow you to put it by yourself.


Nightlife is enjoyable and affordable in Thailand.You can enjoy epic beach parties and participate in drinking sessions with locals.

In Thailand, most of the people, especially at the tourist destinations, talk English so the language is not a barrier at all.

Book your tour to Thailand soon, you will spend a fabulous vacation and get unforgettable memories.

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