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Zachary Vazquez – an epitome of the Cuban community

Cuba is steeped in history and men and women, young or old draw inspiration from the ordeals of the Cuban nation. It has been a source of inspiration for visionaries and idealists, and that has affected not only the powerful but also touches the lives of creative souls.

The twentieth century has seen many influential visionaries in Cuba, from Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra to Raul Castro, leaders with traits of passion, courage and strength.

The newly formed revolutionary government after the victory of the armed insurrection moved to create the first cultural institution, the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry. The amateur film movement comprised of workers from a diverse range of professions as well as students. The workers were extremely passionate about the jobs, so much so that the productions costs were paid from their salaries and also from the membership fees collected from the families of the students who worked in the films. From 1959, events including the revolution, the new professionalism of the artist, a positive relationship between actor and spectator and a new sense of a Cuban cultural identity transformed Cuban theatre, allowing the creation of ambitious projects and inspired upcoming actors.

Zachary Vazquez, an actor who grew up in South Florida and is of Cuban descent shares the ideologies of his Cuban ancestors. He is passionate about his career and has taken a keen interest towards acting. He is open-minded but remains professional and determined to provide his best performance in whatever role he performs. He maintains his look and physique year round and always makes himself available as his job demands. He is on the constant lookout for ways to improve his skills and looks forward to working in more roles that can shape his career. He is known to be social and gets along with his peers in a friendly manner. Many of the lead artists who had shared the screen with him know and appreciate him. For instance, Vasquez had a 20-30 minute talk on the sets of “Baywatch” with the lead star Johnson and on his first day of filming for “The Fate of the Furious,” Johnson told him that he remembered him from Florida. The perfection he aims for in the role he performs, the hard work he puts into each of the projects he is associated with and the relationships he maintains with his peers are some of the unique traits that he shares with his Cuban community.

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