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Zarivoya Fashion India Pvt. Ltd. is government of India approved leading company in Fashion & Pageantry Services. We provide platform to young, talented and enthusiastic girls and women to showcase their talent. Our pageant includes comprehensive programme for training and grooming sessions for all the finalist by Industry Experts. 

Our Mission is to promote awareness about gender equality and create women workforce across India. 

We are committed to disseminate information among all level of society about Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations for India and how women can actively participate in different sectors of economy and help India to achieve its economic goals.


All Girls and Women (unmarried, married, separated, divorced or widowed).   


Minimum age is 16 years and Maximum up to 58 years.

Minimum height should be 5 feet or above.


Step 1.  (Registration Form)

  1. Complete the entire Registration form.
  2. Upload one latest close-up/full length photograph.
  3. Pay Registration Fees INR 1000.
  4. Registration Fee must be submitted to qualify for next steps.

Step 2.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will be notified via email from

Step 3.

          Telephonic Interview will be done of the applicant.

Step 4.

If you get selected as our Finalist at that point, Grooming Fee needs to be paid.  All fee payments are totally non-refundable or transferable. No exceptions!!!

Elimination: –

There will be no elimination in the any of the rounds so that every Finalist can get the maximum chance of presenting herself on the stage.

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