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Social Media Trends: 2014

If you are not social, you are by no means LOCAL. Social media has become the platform everyone is moving towards at a speed never seen before. It is reaching a situation where if not less it can be called as a mandate to operate in the minds of the customers. Companies are shifting marketing budgets from Print and Television to Digital. Last year where spends on digital medium were mere 3-4% of the complete budget, this year has seen companies moving up to 15% of their annual marketing spends to Digital. So we are almost moving into a complete digital market slowly. Let’s discuss the trends of digital in the current scenario.

  1. Social Media is a Mandate:-

With more and more user base turning to social media for daily activities and discussions social media is by all means a mandate to reach out to the target market. Especially for the youth oriented brands that need to create an aura in the teenage group it is heavy investment time in digital. The concern in digital comes when it is to measure ROI. Audience Engagement and measuring returns in digital is one big concern which needs to be catered too in a dynamic way to establish good returns.

     2.   Videos are the flavour of the market.

Its time micro videos will take over the regular graphical images in terms of audience engagement. Marketers are garnering more and more attention from people with use of platforms like Vine and Instagram. Micro videos are engaging the people to share their experiences and create a subtle brand presence in the mind of the customers for the brand. Tiffany did an Instagram campaign starring their flagship BLUE colours did good, Mashable Easter egg Vine challenge allowed people to come in and participate.


 Not Promoting Smoking, a still from M&C Saatchi Anti Smoking Campaign

  1. Simple text is gone it’s time to go Graphical.

The reason you remember some brands very clearly and others not is simple some create retention in your mind while others could not. Graphics is one thing that will catch more attention than a simple series of words. Platforms like Pintrest, instagram will not be able to derail the sailing facebook however in long run you might see a user base dedicated to the info graphic platforms which is quick and active to make your brands go viral.

  1.  LinkedIn, Foursquare

I will keep it short in terms of these following platforms. LinkedIn has always been a B2B platform with undisputed market monopoly and will remain to be. Businesses are seeing growth in terms of discussions and branding from LinkedIn. So if you are a B2B model focus on LinkedIn engagement and stay active. Foursquare is on a down square. Not denying the figures company is projecting but the brand has never been able to push the big time digital market players like Facebook and twitter.

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